Lane Gillespie, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


Ph.D., Criminology (2013).  University of South Florida.
M.A., Criminology (2010).  University of South Florida.
B.A., Criminology (2007).  North Carolina State University.



Refereed journal articles:

Richards, T. N.; Gillespie, L. K.,  and Givens, E. M.. (2014). “Reporting Femicide-Suicide in the News: The Current Utilization of Suicide Reporting Guidelines and Recommendations for the Future”. Journal of Family Violence, 29(4), 453-463.

Gillespie, L. K.,  Loughran, T. A.,  Smith, M. D.,  Fogel, S. J., and Bjerregaard, B.. (2014). “Exploring the Role of Victim Sex, Victim Conduct, and Victim–Defendant Relationship in Capital Punishment Sentencing”. Homicide Studies, 18(2), 175-195.

Richards, T.N., Gillespie, L.K., & Smith, M.D.  (2012).  Exploring news coverage of femicide: Does reporting the news add insult to injury?  Feminist Criminology, 6(3), 178-202.

Richards, T.N., Gillespie, L.K., Givens, E.A.  (2012).  Reporting femicide-suicide in the news: The current utilization of suicide reporting guidelines and recommendations for the future.  Journal of Family Violence.


Gillespie, L. K.  and King, L. (2014). “Legislative Origins, Reforms, and Future Directions”. Sexual Victimization: Then and Now.  Ed. Tara N. Richards and Catherine D. Marcum. Sage Publications.

Selected Works from Lane Gillespie:

Curriculum Vita for Dr. Lane Gillespie (pdf)