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Lisa Growette Bostaph, Ph.D.

Lisa Growette Bostaph, Ph.D.
Public Member, Governor’s Idaho Criminal Justice Commission


Ph. D., Criminal Justice (2004).  University of Cincinnati.
M. A., Linguistics (1991).  Gallaudet University.
B. A. S., Communication Disorders (1988).  University of Minnesota-Duluth.


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Refereed Journal Articles

Gillespie, L.K., King, L.L., Growette Bostaph, L.M., & Goodson, A. (2019). Crime victim service providers’ needs and barriers: Rurality and “high need”. forthcoming in Journal of Interpersonal Violence, now available in OnlineFirst at

Swerin, D., Growette Bostaph, L.M., King, L.L., & Gillespie, L.K. (2019) Police response to children in IPV cases. Child Maltreatment.

Fegley, T. & Growette Bostaph, L.M. (2018). Bigger is better? An analysis of economies of scale and market power in police departments.  Policing: The International Journal of Policing Strategies & Management, 41(5): 578-592. DOI: (Accepted: May 3, 2017; Electronic Access: April 25, 2018).

Cares, A., Franklin, C., Fisher, B., & Growette Bostaph, L.M. (2018). They Were There for People Who Needed Them”: Student Attitudes Toward the Use of Trigger Warnings in Victimology Classrooms. Journal of Criminal Justice Education (Accepted January 23, 2018; Electronic Access: February 19, 2018).

Growette Bostaph, L.M., Giacomazzi, A., & Brady, P. (2014). Criminal justice education: Are we missing one-third of the crime triangle. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 25(4): 468-485.


Growette Bostaph, L.M. & Swerin, D.M. (Eds). (2016). Victimology: Crime victimization and victim services. New York, NY: Aspen Publishers.

Externally Funded Projects

Growette Bostaph, L. M., King, L., & Gillespie, L. (2019). Biannual Report on Crime Victims and Victim Services in Idaho. Funded by the Idaho Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance/Idaho Department of Health & Welfare in Boise, ID (Funded, $267,061).

Growette Bostaph, L.M., King, L., & Brady, P.Q. (2018). Gender bias in police response to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Submitted to the Nampa Police Department in Nampa, ID as a subcontract to a grant from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) (Funded, $36,927).

Growette Bostaph, L.M. (2016). Initial evaluation of the Idaho Risk Assessment of Dangerousness (IRAD). In partnership with the Idaho Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence under the Byrne/JAG funding (federal pass-through) (Funded, $30,380).

Growette Bostaph, L.M. (2016). Ten year evaluation of the Nampa Family Justice Center: Demographic and services analysis. Contract with the Nampa Family Justice Center (Funded $5,320).

Gillespie, L.K. & Growette Bostaph, L.M. (2014). Foundational analyses for Justice Reinvestment reform in Idaho. Contract with ACLU-Idaho (Funded $5,000).

Growette Bostaph, L.M., King, L.L., & Gillespie, L.K. (2013). Victim services in the 21st century: Proposal for a statewide needs assessment. Contract with the Council on Domestic Violence & Victim Assistance, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare (Funded $97,037).

Technical Reports

Growette Bostaph, L.M., King, L., & Brady, P.Q. (2018). Gender bias in police response to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, An IACP demonstration project: Baseline analysis. Boise, Idaho: Boise State University*

Growette Bostaph, L.M., Fontaine, E., & Schubin, M. (2017). The distribution of risk in intimate partner violence cases: The Idaho Risk Assessment of Dangerousness. Boise, Idaho: Boise State University.

King, L.L. & Growette Bostaph, L.M. (2017). Demographic analysis of clients served at the Nampa Family Justice Center, October-December 2013. Boise, ID: Boise State University.

Growette Bostaph, L.M., King, L., Gillespie, L.K., & Goodson, A. (2015). Crime victims in Idaho: An assessment of needs and services. Boise, ID: Boise State University.

Dr. Lisa Growette Bostaph Curriculum Vitae 2020

Selected Works of Lisa Growette Bostaph:

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