Lisa Growette Bostaph, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Chair, and Graduate Coordinator.


Ph. D., Criminal Justice (2004).  University of Cincinnati.
M. A., Linguistics (1991).  Gallaudet University.
B. A. S., Communication Disorders (1988).  University of Minnesota-Duluth.


Refereed journal articles:

Growette Bostaph, L.M., Giacomazzi, A., & Brady, P. (2014). Criminal justice education: Are we missing one-third of the crime triangle. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 25(4): 468-485.

Mueller, D.G., Growette Bostaph, L., & Giacomazzi, A. (2013). What works in treating juveniles with substance abuse problems, mental health issues or co-occurring disorders? Journal of Knowledge and Best Practices in Juvenile Justice & Psychology 7(1): 55-64.

Collins, P.A., Cooper, J.A., Horn, B., Stohr, M.K., Walsh, A., Bostaph, L. & Baker, E.T. (2010). The cost of substance abuse: The use of administrative data to investigate treatment benefits in a rural mountain state. Western Criminology Review 11(3): 13-28.

Ball, J. & Growette Bostaph, L. (2009). He versus she: A gender specific analysis of legal and extralegal effects on pretrial release for felony defendants, Women & Criminal Justice, 19(2), 95-119.

Growette Bostaph, L. (2008). Predicting officer performance in motor vehicle stops: An example of the repeat phenomenon, Policing: International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, 31(1): 19-35.


Beard Holly and Bostaph Lisa. (2008) IVAA: Idaho Victim Assistance Academy. Boise: Office of Victims of Crime.

Contributions to Books:

Bostaph, Lisa and K. Miller. (2011). “Domestic Violence” Idaho Victim Assistance Academy Team Curriculum. Boise, ID: Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence.

Bostaph Lisa , Jonathan Bolen, and Marianne Hudson.  (2010).  “Felson, Marcus: Crime and Everyday Life’ and ‘Heimer, Karen and Stacey de Coster: The Gendering of Violence Delinquency”  Encyclopedia of Criminological Theory. Ed. Francis T. Cullen, Pamela Wilcox. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Technical Reports:

Bostaph, L.G., Lathrop, S. & Bolen, J. (2008). The status of misdemeanor probation nationwide and in the state of Idaho. A White Paper to the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission (Department of Criminal Justice, Boise State University, Boise, ID).

Bostaph, L.  G., Cooper, J. A. , & Hatch, V.  (2008).  Alternatives to Incarceration for Juvenile Offenders. For the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission per a state grant.

Bostaph, L.  G., Cooper, J. A. , & Hatch, V. (2007).  Alternatives to Incarceration for Adult Offenders.  For the Idaho Criminal Justice Commission per a state grant.

Dr. Lisa Growette Bostaph Curriculum Vitae 2015

Selected Works of Lisa Growette Bostaph:

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