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Field Work/Internship FAQs

When should I apply?
You can apply at any time. However, if you would like to receive top priority and/or be placed in positions that require extensive application processes, the earlier you apply the better:

For priority consideration apply by the following dates:

  • Fall semester – 1st week of March
  • Spring Semester – 1st week of October
  • Summer Semester – 1st week of February

Do you accept late applications?
Yes, late applications are accepted, but they will not receive priority agency placement and are subject to placement availability on a first-come, first-served basis for agencies.

We will accept late applications until 2 weeks before the semester begins.

If my dad is employed by the Fish & Game Department and I want to complete my work with that agency, can I contact them since I personally know the contacts?”
All placements must be made by the Field Work/Internship Coordinator, who will make arrangements with agencies.

Students should not contact agencies.

Why should I enroll in Field Work/Internship credits?
The field experience can be one of the most informative and rewarding activities of your undergraduate years.  It is professionally rewarding and beneficial to the organization, offering the student the opportunity to blend theory and practice.  The experience gained, the contacts made, and the letter of recommendation provided by the agency at the end of the experience can all prove invaluable.

I am having difficulties with the agency I was placed and I want to quit. What should I do?
Please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator for ANY reason. It is important that the Coordinator is aware of problems with any agencies.  Remember:  The required class meets weekly allowing for communication with the Coordinator.  This course is treated as any other regular session course with drop and withdraw dates.

Jim Kerns
Field Work/Internship Coordinator
Department of Criminal Justice
Office: L166F (Boise State Main Campus, Albertson’s Library Building)
Phone: (208) 426-3451

How do I register for all 6 field practicum credits in one semester?
Register for CJ 491 (3 credits) and CJ 492 (3 credits).

What is the difference between registering for an internship and field work?
The Internship (CJ293/493/590) is available with variable credits – you can sign up for 1 to 6 credits (1 credit = 50 hours of time at the agency) depending on your availability.  However, only 3 credits of Internship may be applied to your upper division criminal justice electives. See your advisor for details.

Discuss with the CJ Advisor or your Faculty Advisor how many credits can be applied for the upper-division Criminal Justice courses for the catalog you are following.  Field Work (classes CJ491, CJ492) are 3 credits per class (150 hours in an agency).

How will my field work or internship credits apply to my CJ degree requirements?
Both Field Work classes (CJ491 and 492) fulfill requirements for your CJ upper-division electives.  Up to 3 credits of Internship (CJ 493) may be applied to CJ upper-division electives.

Lower division internship credits (CJ293) apply only to your general elective credits ( total 128 for catalogs prior to 2012/2013, total 120 beginning with 2012/2013 catalog.)