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Student Responsibilities

What are your responsibilities when you are assigned to an agency?

  1. Give absolute dedication and effort to your work and to the agency.  Your Field Work/Internship obligations are the same as those of a permanent employee.  This automatically implies acceptance of supervision and full compliance with all relevant department regulations and policies including confidentiality.
  2. Use maximum good judgment and proper field practice in accordance with the law and agency procedures.  As a minimum standard of preparation, become familiar with those laws, local and state, which are applicable to any agency in which you are working.
  3. Remember that organizational activities are often confidential and not to be discussed with unauthorized personnel during or after your work is complete with an agency.
  4. Remember that this is an opportunity to prove yourself capable in your career field.  If you do well, you will receive a positive agency recommendation.  Poor performance or attitudes will, on the other hand, result in a poor reference and could restrict employment opportunities in the future.
  5. When you encounter a situation where you need help and advice, don’t hesitate to seek it from your supervisor.  Proceeding in ignorance can only make circumstances worse.
  6. Accept advice and constructive criticism for what they are…another individual’s attempt to help you.
  7. Students applying for Field Work/Internship credits are required to meet on a weekly basis as a scheduled class time.  The academic written and reading assignments must be completed and turned in no later than the date the coordinator assigns.  Failure to complete these requirements will result in a lower grade.