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Essays on America’s Future: Refugees, Migration and National Security

refugees arriving by boat on a beach

As part of the 34th annual Frank Church Conference on public affairs on October 23, we are pleased to present a collection of essays, authored by a diverse group of policy practitioners, academics, students, and members of the refugee community.

Essay topics include personal perspectives on cultural diversity and local refugee policy, examinations of the politics and policy implications of the Trump administration’s stance on refugees, and considerations of the broader humanitarian context behind the global refugee crisis.

Over 65.6 million people are displaced around the world, including 22.5 million who are officially classified as refugees. This represents the greatest population displacement since World War II. The numbers are not improving. Last year, 10 million people were newly displaced by conflict or persecution – the equivalent of 20 people forced to leave their homes every minute of 2016. At a time of great crisis and significant public disagreement about how to handle the global refugee population, it is essential that we commit to tolerance, civility and reasoned public discourse on these difficult issues.

We will publish additional essays in the coming days, so please plan to return.

Steven Feldstein
Frank and Bethine Church Chair of Public Affairs

Writings on the topic of refugees and immigration

Michael Young

To End the Global Displacement Crisis, Tackle Conflict

Mohamed AbubakrMohamed Abubakr

Restoring Humanity to Humanitarian Aid 

Jerry BradyJerry Brady

Will Idaho Churches Rise to Save DACA Youth from Deportation?

Steven Feldstien

Steven Feldstein

How U.S. Policies Are Worsening the Global Refugee Crisis

peter fenn

Peter Fenn

E Pluribus Unum: Who Are We?

Rahcel Gallina

Elena Gallina

Economic Empowerment of Refugees: Reflections from My Work Amongst Syrian Refugees

Chase Johnson

Chase Johnson

From The Caucasus to the Treasure Valley: Lessons on Refugee Integration

Larry LaRocco

Larry LaRocco

Immigration Policy’s Uncharted Waters

Don LeibachDon Liebich

What Can the Islamic Golden Age Teach Us about Migration and Diversity?

Lisa Meierotto and Michail FragkiasLisa Meierotto and Michail Fragkias

The Refugee Crisis in Greece: Lessons for the United States

Betty Richardson

Betty Hansen Richardson

The Role of the Attorney General in Reviewing and Defending Executive Orders