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Mission Statement

The mission of the Global Studies major is to prepare students as ethical, civically engaged citizens and members of a global community and workforce that increasingly demands an understanding of the complex, diverse, dynamic and interconnected nature of today’s world.

Program Objectives

The Global Studies major will prepare students to better understand

  • the dynamics of cultural change and diversity across the world;
  • differences in social, political and economic development across the world and within regions;
  • political and social change in the face of unprecedented demands placed on governments, international organizations, and markets;
  • the increasing interconnectedness of people, communities, businesses and governments from around the world.

The Global Studies major will prepare students to work in a fluid global context in which people and businesses are on the move, where there are stark differences in people’s access to basic material goods, where there is increasing demand for natural resources and public spending, and where there is consistent contact among individuals and groups that hold different values and interests. In this major, students will learn the skills necessary to be responsive to a changing global environment as well as developing the skills to help lead change