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Sun Valley Economic Development

Picture of panelists Mark Kane, SE Group,Vanessa Fry, Harry Griffith, Sun Valley Economic Development Scott Montgomery, Crank Tank and Ralf Garrison, Destimetrics/Inntopia

Sun Valley Economic Development held its annual Summit last Wednesday, November 2 in Sun Valley, ID.  This year’s summit, National Trends – Local Responses, focused on critical factors the Sun Valley region needs to consider for future economic viability.  Idaho Policy Institute (IPI) Assistant Director, Vanessa Fry, participated in a panel discussion on Challenges and Opportunities: Planning for Future Changes in Our Ecosystem.  Fry provided insight into policy alternatives that may be useful in supporting a year round economy, talent attraction, and workforce housing.

Prior to joining Boise State University, Fry was a Blaine County resident and a co-founder of Sustain Blaine (now Sun Valley Economic Development).  As a co-founder, Fry focused on creating a regional economic development strategy for all of Blaine County.  Fry’s current work and research at IPI focuses on the role of multi-sector, evidence-based solutions in addressing persistent social, environmental, and economic issues.