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Working with IPI

Does your organization need research? Idaho Policy Institute is here to help with your research needs!

Whether you are with a public, private, or nonprofit organization, we conduct research projects that provide reliable and objective data to:

  • Inform policy decisions
  • Identify service gaps
  • Improve organization operations
  • And much more

Above all, our team strives to find the best fit for you and to present practical data to inform your decision-making using leading research techniques. To get an idea of what types of projects we do, visit Our Research page.

To schedule a consultation with IPI email us at: or click the following button.

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Contract Work

Contract work is our conventional mode of operation.  After defining your need, a multidisciplinary team of experienced researchers will design the best approach to gathering data. With your input, a scope of work is developed and will be the basis for a contract that includes the cost of the project, billing terms and a breakdown of tasks with completion dates.

Capstone Projects

Capstone projects foster collaboration between you and current graduate students. After defining your need, student teams, under the guidance of IPI researchers, conduct data collection and perform analysis.  Capstone projects offer students a hands​-​on learning opportunity​ while providing organizations with actionable research at little or no cost.

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