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Supporting Sustainability

Four people in conversation in front of Sun Valley Institute sign

Resilient economies and communities are vital in the face of current environmental, political and economic change. This premise launched the annual Sun Valley Forum, presented by the Sun Valley Institute. Since 2015, over 200 national and international leaders have annually shared insights and strategies for building resilience across a variety of business sectors – including academia, entertainment, sports, media, nonprofits, business and government.

The Idaho Policy Institute (IPI) and the School of Public Service (SPS) were proud supporters of the 2018 Sun Valley Institute Forum. The theme of this year’s event was, Turning Risk Into Opportunity. Speakers included experts discussing how investment can be used to scale impact, how innovation in education can best prepare students for the changing world, and how athletic adventures can inspire community engagement.

“The focus on resiliency and the commitment to communities are perfectly aligned with IPI and the research we do”, commented Research Director Vanessa Fry, “I was particularly inspired by how IPI can learn from the discussions regarding innovation in education and how data can inform leadership’s efforts to best serve at risk populations in our communities.”

MPA graduate student Ana Costa accompanied Fry at the Sun Valley Forum. Costa added that, “as a student, I believe the Sun Valley Forum was a great opportunity to learn more about the complexity of the social and environmental issues faced by communities across the country, as well as the innovative solutions enacted by public and private organizations.”