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Dr. Cheong Kim and Dr. Sanghee Park Publish in the International Journal of Public Administration

Photo of Cheong Kim

Dr. Cheong Kim, Idaho Policy Institute Senior Research Associate, and Dr. Sanghee Park, School of Public Service Assistant Professor, published a paper, “When push comes to shove: the effect of economic crisis on the spending of government savings,” in the International Journal of Public Administration. The analysis of data from 254 California cities during 1996–2009 suggests that government savings have unique values for political actors and their pursuit of spending of the resources was temporarily weakened by an economic crisis. This paper then discusses creating budget stabilization funds (or rainy day funds) as a strategy to protect the resources even after the end of the crisis. A copy of the paper is available at this link: Full article: When Push Comes to Shove: The Effect of Economic Crisis on the Spending of Government Savings (