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Dr. Vanessa Fry, IPI Interim Director, Joins JAFSCD Editorial Board

Dr. Vanessa Fry, Idaho Policy Institute Interim Director, has joined the editorial board of Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development (JAFSCD), the world’s only open-access, shareholder-supported, and peer-reviewed journal focused on food systems. Dr. Fry has been a peer reviewer of JAFSCD since 2017.

The JAFSCD Editorial Board (JEB) consists of food system activist-scholars/scholar-activists, professionals, and experts. This diverse group will provide leadership through their roles on the JEB and the JAFSCD Shareholder Consortium. As a group, JEB members represent a broad range of topical expertise, demographics, and geographies, including most U.S. states, Canadian provinces and territories, and a growing number of countries.