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Experiential Learning through the Idaho Policy Institute: MPA Capstone Showcase

2022 MPA Capstone CLass

Student engagement with Idaho Policy Institute is built on a foundation of experiential learning for all students. Idaho Policy Institute’s research and dedicated courses provide experiential learning opportunities to students across disciplines and at all levels (undergraduate to Ph.D.) at the university. They may be interns, WorkU students, work-study students, undergrad or graduate research assistants, or with us in a class.


Our students serve in pivotal research roles in order to gain direct experience to take with them into the workforce. A great example of this in practice is the Master of Public Administration Capstone course. This semester there were 17 students divided into eight project teams. The teams engaged with community partners from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors including Boise State University Sustainability Governance Council, CATCH, COMPASS, deChase Miksis/Treasure Valley YMCA, Downtown Boise Association, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Idaho Walk Bike Alliance, and Whitewater for Well Water.

In April the Capstone students gave presentations to their community partners at the MPA Capstone Showcase.

Students interested in experiential learning with the Idaho Policy Institute can learn more by completing our Student Interest Form.