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Fry Presents at IMCA Annual Conference

On October 1, Idaho Policy Institute Director Dr. Vanessa Fry joined colleagues from the Consortium of Public Service Organizations (CUPSO) to present at the 2023 IMCA Annual Conference in Austin, TX. CUPSO comprises university-based centers, institutes, and schools whose mission is to support state and local governments through research, training, and technical support. The presentation, “At Your Service: How Partnering with Local Universities Can Benefit Your Community” explored the range of ways that colleges or universities may be able to help local jurisdictions with evidence-informed policy development, implementation, and delivery. The panel discussed the different types of partnerships—from sponsored projects funded by federal, state, or private grants; to directly contracted fee-for-service projects; to student capstone work and other approaches that may be available at no cost to the jurisdiction

Learn more about the presentation here.