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Cadet Duties and Responsibilities

Cadet Duties and Responsibilities

Battalion Commander

  • Responsible for all battalion activities
  • Reports primarily to the PMS
  • Supervises, provides guidance and direction for the Battalion Staff Officers in ensuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed efficiently
  • Builds an effective chain of command and develops a positive command climate
  • Continually looks for ways to improve the BN
  • Ensures Cadet compliance with policies and procedures of the program
  • Creates suspense dates to accomplish Battalion missions and enforce standards
  • Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Professor of Military Science
  • Advises the Professor of Military Science concerning all Cadet matters
  • Provides guidance and feedback to event staffs and serves as a liaison between Cadets and cadre as required

Battalion Executive Officer

  • Second in command; assumes command and commander responsibilities in the Cadet Battalion Commander’s absence
  • Serves as the Chief of Staff
    • Responsible to ensure all staff sections are prepared for battalion meetings
    • Ensures staff suspense dates are met and remains knowledgeable of the current status of staff actions
    • Supervises and coordinates the efforts of the battalion staff in planning, coordination, and execution of Battalion events
    • Serves as the leader of event staffs to plan and conduct battalion training
  • Free the commander from routine details and passes pertinent data, information and insight from the staff to the commander and from the commander to the staff
  • Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Cadre Battalion Executive Officer
  • Responsible for social events
  • Ensures AARs occur and are recorded

Battalion Command Sergeant Major

  • Principal advisor to the commander on the state of morale, discipline, and training of Cadets within the battalion
  • Advises the Battalion Commander on planning, coordinating and supervising activities of the battalion
  • Helps train and counsel Cadets regarding attitude, appearance, military courtesy, and discipline. Reports serious cases to the Battalion Commander.
  • Supervises Battalion formations; responsible for training and execution of drill and ceremonies at all levels
  • Supervises the Color Guard to maintain the highest standards of training and appearance. Supervises the flag detail.
  • Responsible for the appearance of Cadets, equipment and facilities
  • Serves as a link between all Cadets and the Senior Military Instructor
  • Creates and executes the BN physical fitness program

S1 (Personnel Officer)

  • Reports primarily to the XO
  • Responsible for tracking attendance at BN events and reporting attendance to staff (including MS IVs)
  • Organizes BN subordinate units and creates rotations for MS3s
  • Receives accountability reports from CDT 1SG at mandatory events and tracks attendance
  • Maintains Cadet picture board (ICW PAO) and mailboxes
  • Responsible for administrative duties of BN such manifests and transportation rosters, etc.
  • Plans, organizes, and supervises the execution of battalion awards ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, commissioning ceremonies and social events
  • Ensures accurate rosters are prepared and distributed to the BN, including from other schools for joint events
  • Responsible for assisting with social events
  • Receives operational control of any special project committees as directed by the commander

S2 (Intelligence Officer)

  • Supervises battalion physical security
  • Provides terrain analysis, light and weather data, and updates on events that could impact training
  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events
  • Prepares weekly brief on news and current events, including analysis of the importance of the event to future officers and/or to the US military as a whole

S3 (Training Officer)

  • Principal staff officer responsible for all matters concerning training, operations and plans
  • Reports primarily to the cadre S3, the Cadet CDR, and the XO
  • Works in conjunction with the XO for the BN CDR
  • Responsible for leading the training portion of staff meetings
  • Publishes calendars and tracks OPORDs
  • Plans BN events and publishes OPORDs IAW battle rhythm
  • Develops quality, feasible plans for the BN to execute
  • Responsible for garrison OPORD briefs to MS IIIs
  • Has tasking authority; prescribes COICs for labs and training events
  • Responsible for the production of weekly storyboards
  • Maintains record of scores from training events
  • Assist the XO with AARs

S4 (Logistics Officer)

  • Primary Staff Officer responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation and services for the battalion
  • Reports primarily to the Mr. Holland and c/XO (works during supply hours)
  • Coordinates for, receives, distributes and controls supplies and equipment for training
  • Conducts inventories and maintains a continuous working knowledge of on hand supplies and equipment within the battalion
  • Works closely with and advises the c/XO and c/S3 to synchronize logistical efforts in support of BN operations

AS3 (Assistant Training Officer)

  • Assistant staff officer assigned to aid the c/S3 for all matters concerning training, operations and plans
  • Assists in planning, organizing and supervising the conduct of all Cadet training
  • Publishes calendars and tracks OPORDs
  • Assists in planning BN events and publishes OPORDs IAW battle rhythm
  • Develops quality, feasible plans for the BN to execute

Recruiting Officer

  • Principal staff officer for all matters concerning recruiting events
  • Responsible for all Cadet recruiting on the campuses in coordination with the Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO)
  • Responsible for enhancing the relationship between military forces and civilian authorities to include campus staff and faculty, public information internal information, community relations, written publications, photographs and related duties as required
  • Specifically responsible for the written material, consolidation and publication of the battalion newsletter
  • Assist cadre with the recruitment and retention mission of the BN
  • Serves as a focal point for local advertising of the program
  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events

PAO (Public Affairs Officer)

  • Reports primarily to the cadre XO, c/CDR and c/XO
  • Updates website (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) weekly with current photos and information
  • Ensures overall marketing and advertising is relevant, informative, and current
  • Serves as the photographer for BN events; ensures cadets have access to the pictures
  • Coordinates pictures for the cadet board and plaques
  • Coordinates with the BSU social media team for “Instagram takeovers”
  • Advertises the accomplishments of the Bronco BN
  • Responsible for production and publication of semester newsletter
  • Coordinates with the cadre S4 for necessary equipment

Head TAC

  • Responsibility for the training of all MS3s
  • Establishes training plans and suggestions for MS3 cadre
  • Responsible for all standardization of evaluators and MS3s
  • Responsible for all evaluations
  • Creates and supervises all Leader Professional Development through out the semester