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Suzanne McCorkle, Ph.D.

Suzanne McCorkle, Public Policy, Portrait

Emeritus Professor, Public Policy and Administration

Dr. McCorkle’s CV


Suzanne McCorkle retired from the Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management programs, within the Department of Public Policy and Administration, at Boise State University in December 2015. Dr. McCorkle’s regular teaching specializations included interpersonal conflict management, mediation, negotiation, culture and conflict, and organizational theory.


  • Suzanne McCorkle and Stephanie Witt (2014), People Skills For Public Managers (in press, M.E. Sharpe)
  • Suzanne McCorkle and Melanie J. Reese (2014), Mediation Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition (in press, SAGE)
  • Suzanne McCorkle and Melanie J. Reese (2010), Personal Conflict Management (Allyn & Bacon)
  • Tables for the “Murky World of Mediator Ethics” article published in the Winter 2005 edition of Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 23 (2), 165-183.