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Graduate Certificate in Environmental Governance

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The Boise State University Graduate Certificate in Environmental Governance assists working professionals and students with additional training and coursework to further develop their expertise and skills within the context of the unique challenges that emerge for public, private, and non-profit sectors in governing the environment.

Required credits:
PUBADM 540 Contemporary Issues in Environmental Policy3
9 elective credits from: 9
PUBADM 541 Environmental Regulatory Politics and Administration
PUBADM 542 Science, Democracy, and the Environment
PUBADM 543 Public Land and Resource Policy and Administration
PUBADM 545 Energy Policy
PUBADM 546 Climate Change Policy and Administration
PUBADM 547 Water Resources Policy and Governance
PUBADM 548 Natural Resource and Environmental Governance
PUBADM 549 Environmental Assessment and Data Analysis
PUBADM 551 Environmental Management Techniques
PUBADM 552 Environmental Communication and Decision-Making
PUBADM 553 21st Century Opportunities and Challenges in Energy

Admission Requirements:

  1. Official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  2. A current résumé or curriculum vitae.
  3. A personal statement of at least 300 words explaining the applicant’s educational and career objectives.

Deadlines for applications are:

  • January 15 for fall admission priority and April 10 is the final deadline for fall.
  • September 15 for spring admission priority and November 15 is the final deadline for spring.

For more information contact:

Dr. Monica Hubbard
Associate Professor and MPA Program Lead, School of Public Service