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Kathleen Araújo

Kathleen AraujoAssociate Professor of Energy Innovation Systems and Policy;  Director, Energy Policy Institute
Office: 208-426-4845
Yanke Bldg, 220 Park Center Blvd

Mail address:
Boise State University
1910 University Drive, Boise, Idaho, 83725-1014

Teaching and Research interests: Strategic planning and management in energy transitions; Sustainable energy; Energy-environmental systems;  Comparative policy, innovation and better practices in sustainability and resilience; International nuclear safety and cyber security; Science and technology policy.

Dr. Kathleen Araújo is the Director of the Energy Policy Institute and Associate Professor of Energy Innovation Systems and Policy at Boise State University. She is responsible for the strategic direction and executive decision-making for the Institute which is the policy body for the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, a consortium of public universities plus Idaho National Laboratory.

Low Carbon Energy Transitions, book cover

Dr. Araújo’s specialization centers on advancing priorities that include sustainability and resilience. Her work has contributed to the emerging field of energy transitions. Dr. Araújo’s book Low Carbon Energy Transitions: Turning Points in National Policy and Innovation (Oxford University Press) examines elements of sustainability by providing in-depth, socio-technical insight into four, country-level shifts that occurred since the global oil crisis of 1973.

Closely associated with Dr. Araújo’s energy transitions research is her analysis of energy-environmental systems, including that with international offshore wind developments, early adopters of electric vehicles and solar photovoltaic technology, and post-Fukushima safety shifts. She considers sustainability opportunities and challenges, like those for global biofuels, and has presented or led discussions in international fora with the University of Cambridge, Arctic Circle Conference, and Fukushima Medical University. Dr. Araújo is the Book Series Editor for Routledge’s Studies in Energy Transitions. She also consults for inter-governmental organizations, like the World Bank and the International Renewable Energy Agency, as well as industry.