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12 Credits

COMM OR SOC 390: INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT (3) This course may be taken at any time during the program.

DISPUT 400: BASIC MEDIATION (3) Should be taken first in the program of study. Students should contact the program director for formal advising while enrolled in DISPUT 400.

DISPUT 494: WORKSHOPS (3) Various workshops are offered in different emphasis areas. Students select workshops in consultation with the program advisor. The workshops provide specific skills for mediation in specific contexts that are tied to the internship and competency exam.

DISPUT 493: INTERNSHIP (2) Internships are available each semester, including summer, at small claims court and in adult civil court in Nampa. Students may negotiate to develop their own internship opportunities in consultation with the program director.

DISPUT 446: COMPETENCY EXAM (1) The capstone experience of the certificate program is a written and field exam that tests the students knowledge of mediation and competence. The competency exam is specific to the student’s area of study and internship.