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Urban Studies and Community Development

Urban Studies and Community Development at Boise State University relates the past to the future of cities, their politics and economics, their environmental and cultural trends.

Build the Future. Inspire.

Urban Studies and Community Development at Boise State University is multidisciplinary and experiential. Its objective is to nurture the ideas and skills highly prized in urban and community development professions. Its purpose is to inform planning and policymaking, to foster equity and social welfare, to seed civic engagement through democratic participation, to empower and inspire.

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Read a special edition of Public Interest about the Urban Studies and Community Development program.

Jetpacks. Hyperloops. Underwater cities. UF100 journeys to tomorrow. Brace for a thrilling ride. Read the Cities of Tomorrow syllabus.

Internships. Field Study. Service Learning. Students partner with public/private/nonprofit organizations on community development projects and applied research. Read The Working Artist. 

Thirsty cities rise from the sagebrush. Scholars at Boise State study the cause and effect.


Cities of Tomorrow

Experiential Learning

Read "The Working Artist"



Fun sites of interest


Pay and Sit

Watch Pay and Sit


Watch Boise Greenbelt

Lost Boise

Watch Lost Boise

Civilization Timeline

3,700 BC