Careers And Civic Engagement

student at podium

Urban Studies and Community Development prepares students for a wide range of vocations. Workshops connect students to practitioners and future employers. Internships open paths to careers in government, law, business, conservation, advocacy and urban planning.

Potential jobs include  community development administrators, economic development analysts, workforce developers, nonprofit program coordinators, urban policy analysts, demographers, city managers, public participation facilitators, historic preservationists, real estate project managers, and city transportation directors to name a few. Urban studies can also nurture a life-long passion for civic engagement, helping careers and communities thrive.

To prepare for these careers, our graduates are trained as urban analysts who have strong communication and analytical skills with deep, applied knowledge in how cities, communities, and regions function. Students will develop this coveted and competitive skill-set through a combination of classroom instruction, experiential learning, community partnerships, undergraduate research, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

“Boise is experiencing tremendous growth and we need dedicated, thoughtful leaders who are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities this growth provides in our area.” “Students will work within our community throughout the program, encouraging them to take their skills, knowledge and degree, and give back to our city and state post college.”
David Bieter, Mayor of the City of Boise