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Required to-dos Table

Required to-dos:Description
1. Contact informationUpdate your contact information and designate and emergency contact should the university need to contact you about your pay.

Note: If you are accessing Boise State services off-campus, some might require to use VPN Services to ensure security while accessing certain sites
2. Digital I-9 formComplete the I-9 digital form on or before your first day of employment or you can fill out a paper copy at the Human Resource building; this must be renewed every three years
3. Direct depositSet up or change your direct deposit information
4. Hiring informationProvide your contact information to begin the hiring process through the School of Public Service
5. I-9 list of acceptable documentsIn addition to the I-9 form, stop by the Human Resource building (Capitol Village #3 open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM) to provide your physical documentation
6. Paystub and W2 request formRequest a paystub(s) and/or W2 tax information after your class has ended or if you no longer have access to Bronco Hub
7. Tax withholdingSet up or change your federal and state income tax withholding information

Optional to-dos Table

Optional to-dos:Description
1. Payroll and holiday calendarsView the year’s payroll schedule
2. PaystubView your paystub(s); payroll is on a biweekly basis and is two weeks in arrears paid out over the course of your class start and end dates