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NSF Scholarship Programs

The Institute for STEM and Diversity Initiatives has become the Institute for Inclusive & Transformative Scholarship.

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Sage Scholars

SAGE Scholars is a cohort-based scholarship program for engineering and computer science students funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This program continues a tradition of NSF-funded scholarship programs at Boise State that support students. SAGE Scholars receive a combination of academic advising, professional development, social experiences, and significant financial support.

National Science Foundation Scholarships for Transfer Students in Computer Science, Engineering & Math

This is a scholarship for incoming or current Boise State students that have between 6-90 transfer credits from a community college or other institution.

  1. U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status;
  2. Demonstrated financial need (FAFSA on file at Boise State University);
  3. Academic requirements: minimum high school 3.5 GPA  and SAT/ACT scores submitted to Boise State for new students, minimum Boise State 3.0 GPA for current students.
  4. Admitted and plan to enroll as a full time student (12 credits or more) at Boise State University; and
  5. Enrolled/enrolling in a first-year level mathematics course for upcoming Fall semester including in any of the following: Math 143 College Algebra, Math 144 Trigonometry, Math 170 Calculus I, Math 175 Calculus II or Math 189 Discrete Mathematics.
  6. All recipients must be enrolled at Boise State as a full-time student for any semester a scholarship is awarded and majoring in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Material Science & Engineering or Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering.
  7. Once accepted as a scholar, you will be expected to participate in monthly community building activities with other scholarship recipients. Participation in a minimum of 4 cohort activities a semester is required. This might include one or more of the following: orientation summer adventure (rafting) trip, participating in a seminar(s), living in the Engineering Residential College; or attending cohort events (academic and social) such as resume building workshops or yoga.

Application now Closed!

NOTE: AP credits/college credits earned while in high school do not apply for this scholarship. You must have a completed FAFSA application on file at Boise State University to demonstrate financial need in order to receive this scholarship.


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