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Student Equity

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Our office hours of operation can be found on our contact page. Please check regularly as hours are subject to change.

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What we do

Broncos come from all walks of life and Student Equity is here to help make sure every Bronco feels welcome, supported and celebrated.  Learn how we can connect you with the rich diversity that makes up the Boise State community.

  • Start the year off by celebrating the history of the diverse student voices at Diversity Day Defined, a Bronco Welcome tradition.
  • Help plan and implement the annual campus and community celebration to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.
  • Experience the color and sounds of Native American culture at the Seven Arrows Powwow hosted each spring.
  • Study, meet new people, or just hang out in the Student Equity Center lounge, where all backgrounds are celebrated.
  • Join one of the student organizations that include an emphasis on ethnic identity.
  • Create a brand new student organization or plan an event that celebrates your beliefs.

The world is both bigger and smaller than you can imagine. Find your place in it at the Student Equity Center.

Acknowledgement of Harm

The office of Student Equity is a collection of resources that includes the First Forward Student Success Program and the MLK Living Legacy Committee.

We would like to acknowledge the harm that has been caused by the staff on the Student Equity team. As a team our highest aspirations are to model how diversity should be valued through inclusive practices and to advocate on behalf of equity for all Boise State University students. Recently some students bravely told us some of our practices are missing this mark.

We have been slow to recognize and address the harm caused and for this we take responsibility. We dedicate ourselves to addressing the harm that has been caused to folx in the trans and non-binary community and commit to these changes:

  • learning to recognize harm and address it with care, centering those who have been harmed through efforts to respond.
  • being an open resource so trans and non-binary folx will feel comfortable using our office
  • overhauling our hiring, training and accountability practices

We believe that EVERY student at Boise State University deserves to feel valued and included in their pursuit of their educational dreams. We re-commit to our students from the trans and non-binary population, especially during this time when they have been subject to messages of dehumanization from beyond our campus.

We cannot stop all harm but we can, and will, strive towards that goal.

Please note the release of this statement is part of a continuing effort to partake in restorative justice practices, and this statement was informed by the students most affected by this harm.