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5 ½ Audiobooks for the Summer

All of these are wonderful books to enjoy over the summer, period – they’ll leave you feeling inspired, creatively hyped, and maybe even a little bit scared – but they’re particularly fantastic audiobooks. The voice narration and content of these books is really amped up by hearing it read aloud. Now, get ready to throw in some earbuds and slip away to a different world!

1) Creativity Inc. – Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace

The president of Pixar and Disney Animation will guide you through simple yet powerful ways you can hone your professional self, become a valuable employee, and use creativity to further your career in ways you’ve likely never thought of. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative.

2) Dear Girls – Ali Wong (Read by the author)

This book paints a funny, pleasant, and heartwarming picture of Ali Wong’s life. No matter where you’re currently at in life (your early twenties, just became a new mom, or maybe want to be taken more seriously in your career), Wong will leave you feeling like you never want to say “I can’t” again.

3) On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous  – Ocean Vuong (Read by the author)

Written by a poet, this novel takes you through the author’s life in a non-linear fashion. It’s a lovely dance of poetry, unique imagery, all wrapped up in an interesting timeline. This story will leave your heart bursting with emotion. For those quieter summer days, when you just want to appreciate the beauty of summer with an equally beautiful book.

4) The Institute – Stephen King

We all love a solid scary story by the campfire, and King’s newest horror novel delivers. It’s a long one, like many of his, so you’ll get hours of creepy content for your money. It’s about a young boy who is taken to a strange place, The Institute, and trust me, from there you’ll never guess where this story is headed.

5) Idaho – Emily Ruskovich

Boise State’s own creative writing instructor, Emily Ruskovich, wrote a novel which won the Dublin Literary Award last year. It’s a story of a new marriage between a teacher and her husband, who is losing his memory. This book is a complete page turner, but the impressive voice acting of the narrator truly elevates an already wonderful text. It’ll stick with you long after summer is gone.

5 ½) Don’t let anyone tell you audiobooks are different from “real” books!

How could anyone say no to an art form that allows you to clean your house at the same time as listening?

Facepalm Picard. When people who have never listened to an audiobook say they don't like audiobooks