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I Didn’t Know That: A Popular Summer Activity with a Fancy Name

Fact: Summer is made for dining outside. Think BBQs, picnics, and dinner on your deck or patio.

Another fact: Boise has some of the best conditions for dining outside.

It’s a popular, and festive, summer activity that has its own special name. “Al fresco dining” means eating in the open air, and is very much associated with patio dinners on warm summer evenings. Al fresco dining can easily be paired with physical distancing for a low-risk social activity with a friend or two this summer. Just be sure to take all the recommended precautions to keep it low-risk.

One little heads up, though. The term “al fresco” has Italian origins, but it doesn’t mean the same thing in Italy. If you ask to eat al fresco in Italy, you’d be asking to “eat in the cooler,” a.k.a. prison!