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5 1/2 Early Semester Habits to Start Now

It’s close enough to the start of classes now that you’re probably starting to get a whiff of fresh coursework from across the screen. Before it’s too late and classes are upon us, here are some things you can start doing right away to get ahead of the new semester.

1) Start a solid morning & night routine

Once classes start up, things can get hectic and it’s nice to know that you have some time for yourself every morning and night. Fix yourself a smoothie, do a face mask, go for a walk—whatever helps you to wipe away some stress and feel replenished. Invest time in yourself!

2) Make a study schedule and stick to it

Okay, so this has been said a million different ways, but it’s true. What’s so seriously beneficial about scheduling out your day is that you get in the habit of repeated behavior when you set aside a chunk of time for studying. Doesn’t that sound nice instead of rushing to fit in as much homework as possible when you happen to have a few spare minutes? Consistency is key.

3) Do the opposite of cramming

Can we all agree that cramming doesn’t work? Studies have been done to back this up. If you really want to work toward the best possible grades and the best long-term memory of a subject, you should be preparing to study a little bit, test yourself, and repeat these steps over the whole term.

4) Plan out big assignments right away

So, you might not have your syllabi yet, but when you get them, read over any major assignment guidelines, become familiar with them, and start working on a plan of action: write down topic ideas, a loose outline, and maybe even think about workshopping it with your professor and/or peers. Taking just a little time now to think things over will save you a ton of time and worry later.

5) Know when to ask for help (and desensitize yourself to it)

No student is perfect. Everyone needs some help sometimes. Know that reaching out when things are tough or when you can’t find an answer by yourself will save you hours of stress, and possibly your grade. Start a friendly dialogue now with anyone (peers, professors, tutors, etc.) who you think could be essential to your classroom success.

5 ½) Give yourself a wholesome reward

When studying actually goes according to plan, so you give yourself a break and a snack.