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5 ½ Last Minute Things Before School Starts

With just 7 days until school starts, there’s so much to get together in a short period of time. In all the rush, it’s easy to forget some vital “to-do” items. Here are some last-minute things you may have missed that will be helpful to get done ASAP.

1) Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

With a new fall semester starting and in-person classes returning, the best way to keep the Boise State community healthy and safe is to get vaccinated. If you’re hesitant, here are some things to know about the vaccine. Boise State offers free COVID-19 vaccines to the Boise State community and the general public at the on-campus vaccination clinic.

2) Order your Textbooks

Whether you prefer picking up your textbooks in person or ordering online, the Bronco Shop is always a reliable source. Ordering ahead of time can save you money and the stress of trying to find the right textbook. Other tips for ordering textbooks include: renting instead of buying, purchasing an e-book, and checking Boise State Facebook groups for students selling old textbooks.

3) Apply For Jobs on Handshake

If you’re looking for a way to make some money this semester, check out Handshake for jobs and work-study (both in-person and remote). The employers featured on the app are hand-picked for college students, so, they have all sorts of job options to fit your schedule. Some areas on campus are urgently hiring if you’re looking for something right away (and you can’t beat the convenience of on-campus jobs)! If experience is what you’re after, internships and fellowships are listed as well.

4) Check Your Classes For Updates

Remember to check your Student Center on myBoiseState regularly to make sure you have the most up-to-date information about possible changes to the type of classroom experience you could have (in-person, hybrid, remote, or online). In-person classes are pretty self-explanatory, but hybrid and remote classes are a bit different. If your classes are in-person, check the Boise State campus map to know where to go.

5) Understand Canvas

Boise State is transitioning from Blackboard to Canvas this semester. If you’re looking for an introduction or just a refresher we’ve got you covered. Make sure you know how to access your classes and crush this semester.

5 ½) Soak Up the Final Days of Summer

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