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5 ½ Things Your Living Space Needs

A home office with a desk, lamp, and photos on top

Move-in time! It’s such an exciting time. But amongst all the chaos of choosing a class schedule, getting all your school supplies and everything else you need to be ready for the semester — you’ve also got to get your living space ready for ultimate study sessions and to be a cozy space for relaxation when you need it. Make sure you look at the checklist of things housing will and won’t have (if you’re living on campus). Additionally, here are 5 1/2 things we recommend you bring to your living space no matter what.

1) A fully functional workspace

Of course you’ll need a desk, but think about all the little things that make a comfortable workspace, free from distractions, where you can sit down and really get stuff done. Maybe that means you have a dedicated desk coffee cup/water bottle so you never lose it, some organizational cubes with sticky notes, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc., a physical planner or calendar, a lamp, headphones (complete with study playlist), tissues and maybe some snacks ready for your next study sesh! There’s nothing more annoying than having the motivation to study, sitting down, and then having to stop 15 minutes later because you don’t have what you need.

2) Food stuff

Depending on where you’re living, you may have access to some food tools, but no matter where you are, you’re probably going to want to have tools that can do several things in one. You may want to also have things like a microwave, mini fridge, and/or coffee pot, etc. But it’s super helpful to have one kitchen tool that has multiple functions

3) Relaxation station

I’ve heard this thing about not working where you relax and I swear it’s true. For a while, when I was doing almost everything from home, I thought, “How cool! I can just wake up and work right from my bed.” And that is cool for a little while, until you’re trying to sleep and it feels like you should be working. It’s crazy how psychology works. So, I highly suggest you create even just a little corner of your room that is just for relaxation and nothing else. Make a clear separation of where you work versus where you relax versus where you sleep, if you can.

4) Your own aesthetic

You know what’s super cool about college? You get to choose who you want to be. It’s the perfect time to decorate how you’ve always wanted to (just make sure all of the stuff you’re bringing is allowed). OR maybe you aren’t sure what you like just yet. Start a Pinterest board, check out TikTok or Instagram and see what others are doing that you like. Making the space feel like your own is such a big step in feeling at home, relaxed, and being productive. Mid-century modern, why not? Urban industrial, for sure! Style is an ever-evolving thing.

5) An organization plan

That includes practical stuff (maybe some baskets, tubs, and storage), but also some thought about where stuff will go, live, and take up space in your room. Once the semester starts to really pick up speed, it’s super easy for things to get messy, which adds more unneeded stress to your life. Come up with a cleaning schedule and try out a few places for all your stuff to live until you feel like it really works with how you use the space.

5 ½) Best friends

I mean college is mostly about making friends, right? Did you and your roommate just become best friends? Yup.

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