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5 ½ (ok, actually 6) Boise Women To Celebrate

Barb Morgan in front of blue turf

Here we are in March, and I don’t know about you, but I feel like that means we have much to celebrate: spring, the return of Treefort, spring break, more daylight, and did I mention spring? And on top of all of that, March is Women’s History Month. So today let’s celebrate — and be inspired by — women who’ve made history right here in Boise. Here are just a few.

1) Kristin Armstrong

Kristin Armstrong is a 3-time Olympic gold medal cyclist, the most decorated female US cyclist and the inspiration for Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park just a mile northeast of campus. She’s a champion for healthy living and owns a health club chain in the Boise area.

2) Lauren McLean

Lauren McLean became the first woman elected to be Boise’s mayor in 2019. She’s been active in local politics since 2001 when she helped lead the Boise Foothills Open Space Levy campaign. And she’s a Bronco! The mayor earned a Master of Public Administration in environmental policy in 2001.

3) Barbara Morgan

Educator and astronaut Barbara Morgan was the first teacher to travel to space. After a 2007 mission to the International Space Station, she left NASA and joined Boise State as a distinguished educator in residence, teaching and mentoring Broncos in both engineering and education fields.

4) Dr. Mamie Oliver

Dr. Mamie Oliver taught social work, sociology, and education as Boise State’s first Black professor. Dr. Oliver proudly represents Boise State’s first generation students. She’s an ordained minister, therapist, and historian devoted to telling stories of Black history in Idaho.

5) Linda Copple Trout

Linda Copple Trout is a lawyer, a judge, the first woman appointed to Idaho Supreme Court, and the only woman to serve as Chief Justice. She grew up in Idaho, graduated from Boise High in 1969 and attended university in Idaho for her undergrad and graduate degrees. She spent 15 years as a supreme court justice before retiring in 2007.

5 ½) (but actually 6) Dr. Marlene Tromp

The one and only Marlene Tromp, the first woman president of Boise State University.

Marlene Tromp in front of B plaza sculpture

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