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Welcome to the Boise State Student Life blog. You’ll find stories, tips and tricks, inspiration, 5 1/2 things, and more every week. You’ve got lots of different ways to read it.

5 1/2 Things

5 ½ Places Broncos Are Hanging out This Summer
5 1/2 Things About Summer Hours
5 1/2 Ways to Kick Off Your Summer
5 ½ Things for Finals Relief
5 1/2 Things for Professional Development Over the Summer
5 ½ Things About Safety on Campus


International Student Abbey Nimegeers Writes an Award-Winning Story
The Powerful History of the Powwow
Ryan Dougherty Builds Confidence and Becomes a Professional Marketer with Work U
Johnny Castro "Crawls" Toward Personal Fitness
Sarah Gentile Studies Abroad and Leaps into New Experiences Before Graduating
Sam Winter Perseveres After a Critical Injury as He Pursues College Basketball

I Didn't Know That

I Didn’t Know That: All About ASBSU
IDKT: Some Campus Fun Facts You Definitely Didn't Know
I Didn’t Know That: Why the FAFSA is Such a Big Deal
I Didn't Know That: Voting on Election Day
I Didn't Know That: Go Orange! Go Big Blue!
I Didn’t Know That: National Voter Registration Day

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration: Thankful for College Friendships
Be Real: Finding Authenticity this Spooky Season
Finding Inspiration: Honoring the Memory of an Inspiring Bronco
Finding Inspiration: This Is Your Campus
Finding Inspiration: Priorities
Finding Inspiration: A New Beginning

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