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Welcome to the Boise State Student Life blog. You’ll find stories, tips and tricks, inspiration, 5 1/2 things, and more every week. You’ve got lots of different ways to read it.

5 1/2 Things

5 1/2 Things About Day Trips From Boise
5 1/2 Things For Making the Most of Your Summer
5 1/2 Things About Summer Hours
5 ½ Things About the Cycle Learning Center
5 1/2 Ways to Kick Off Your Summer
5 ½ Things for Finals Relief


The Powerful History of the Powwow
From Island to Idaho, Chloe Yalung Discovers the Gift of Continued Education
The Life of Orientation Leaders At Boise State
From Anxious to Exhilarated: Carsen’s Journey Rafting the Payette with Outdoor Programs
Gabrielle Moore Brings Awareness to the Nontraditional Student Experience
Maddy Whitethorn Shares her Passion for Health as a Peer Educator

I Didn't Know That

I Didn’t Know That: All About ASBSU
I Didn’t Know That: Why the FAFSA is Such a Big Deal
I Didn't Know That: Service-Learning
I Didn’t Know That: Outdoor Trips
I Didn’t Know That: Solar Eclipse
I Didn’t Know That: National Voter Registration Day

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration: Staying Motivated
Finding Inspiration: Going Home for Break
Finding Inspiration: Summer Simplicity
Finding Inspiration: Thankful for College Friendships
Be Real: Finding Authenticity this Spooky Season
Finding Inspiration: Honoring the Memory of an Inspiring Bronco

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