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One of my favorite times of the year is officially upon us: football season. That’s right, it’s officially time for colder nights, good friends, and incredible memories surrounding all things Boise State football. We have a very cool and extremely unique place in the college football landscape, so keep reading for 5 ½ things about our program, stadium, and team!

1) The Blue™

In case you haven’t realized by now, we have a blue football field. A football field that was actually the first ever college field to be any color other than green. Our eye-catching, one-of-a-kind landmark has been a symbol of Boise State, the city of Boise, and Idaho in general since 1986.

2) A tradition of success

Boise State is one of the winningest teams in college football history. With a current win percentage of just over .727, we have a reputation across the nation for our achievements on the field. That win percentage is even higher at home games. Go Broncos!

3) New hardware

You may have noticed some new construction around the southside of Albertsons Stadium. Crews are currently replacing the (very) small screen above the south bleachers with what will be the largest video board in the Mountain West. This huge, new 120-foot by 50-foot screen should be up and running in the next few months.

4) Tee dog, Blitz

If you’ve been to a Boise State game recently, then you’ve probably seen our tee dog, Blitz, who retrieves the tee after a Broncos kickoff and you’ve probably heard the, “He’s a good boy!” chant. What you may not know is that Blitz is actually the son of Cowboy Kohl, who was also the tee dog for the Broncos. We are lucky to have Blitz in the Bronco Nation family.

5) A packed house

The game that drew the most fans ever for a Boise State home football game was last October, 2021 during a game vs. Nevada when 37,426 people packed into Albertsons Stadium. Who knows, maybe we can break that record this year during Homecoming and Parents Weekend where we’ll have another home game vs. Fresno State.

  5 1/2) The “Boise State” rule

Fun fact, the NFL has banned any professional football team from installing any other color field aside from green. It’s officially known in the NFL as the “Boise State Rule”!

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