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5 1/2 Things About Getting Around Campus

Bikes. Buses. Scooters. Cars. Boise State has lots of options for getting around.

1) Ride A Bike

Rent a bike/buy a bike at the Cycle Learning Center. They also offer classes, service and repair, and some great group rides to show you around the area. Join the 10k Commuter Club and get free stuff the more you commute on a bike! You also have the option of renting a Green Bike for quick jaunts.

2) Boise City Bus

You can ride Valley Regional Transit for FREE! Just take your ID card to either of these locations in the Student Union – Info Desk or Transit Center. They’ll give you a sticker to put on your ID card and you’re ready to ride.

3) Campus Shuttle

Get from one side of campus to another quick and easy on either the Blue or Orange Shuttle. It also goes downtown to the city transit center if you want to take a break from campus for a little lunch or shopping.

4) E-scooters

Scooters are popping up everywhere in Boise. Bird, Lime and Spin are adding more wheels all the time, and they’re showing up on campus, too! Just download the app of your choice, find a ride near you, and go go go (wear a helmet).

5) Cars

If you’re driving to campus, have a plan. Know where you’re going to park and how much a permit costs. There’s free parking in the Satellite Zone, so check that out. Consider some more alternatives like carpooling too.


5 1/2) Wear Your Helmet