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Blue-Light Phones Are a Symbol of Safety

Have you ever walked around campus and noticed the blue-light phones? There are more than 70 of those emergency phones located throughout campus. Even though you probably have a cell phone at your disposal, it’s good to know that these emergency phones stand guard over campus.

According to a dispatcher at Public Safety, the blue-light phones are a great resource, because not everyone has a phone that works all the time. “We know the exact location of where the call is coming from. The phones are tested every other week to make sure they’re working. When you see a phone anywhere on campus, it feels good to know help is close by.”

Emergency blue-light phones are more than just a visible and accessible way to reach campus safety or local law enforcement. They’re also a crime deterrent because they are highly visible and easy to access. The phones provide peace of mind for parents, students, employees and visitors on campus. Plus, they’re free to use for emergency calls.

  • Red button dials 911
  • Black button dials (208) 426-6911 (Department of Public Safety Communications Center)

Boise State provides security escorts, lockouts and jumpstarts and you can access those via the blue-light phone or by calling (208) 426-6911.

And while we’re talking about calling for help, did you know about these?

  • Rave Guardian app for Android and iPhone. This is a free, optional personal safety app that transforms your smartphone into a personal, mobile emergency blue-light phone. This app allows touch-of-a-button panic calls both to 911 as well as to campus safety and security.
  • BroncoAlert is a phone and text-based system allowing the university to proactively notify folks when an emergency is taking place on or near campus. BroncoAlert will only be used in critical situations, including weather emergencies with the potential to affect health or safety. Students are automatically opted-in to the BroncoAlert system.