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5 ½ Things You May Have Forgotten From Orientation

Whether your orientation was months ago or years ago, you got a LOT of information in a very short time that you probably don’t remember now. Here’s a “refresher” that might come in handy.

1) Health Services: a clinic on campus

You don’t have to leave campus to go to the doctor. Health Services – in the Norco Building – can help you with primary care, urgent care, wellness and counseling services.

Plus, it’s flu season. Vaccinations are available at the Health Center during regular hours, no appointment necessary. Bring your ID and insurance cards. If you don’t use insurance, it’ll cost $38.

2) Advisors are always ready to help you.

If you’ve forgotten how to get in touch and could really use a check-in, here’s your reminder.  Find your advisor here.

3) Free football tickets!

Have you made it to a home game yet? There are 3 more coming up, and you get a free ticket if you’re a full-time student. Here’s how to get your ticket.

4) Find your people.

You might think it’s too late to get involved on campus. Never! The connections you make and people you meet will define your time at Boise State. Get involved. Find your people.

5) Talk with a professor.

Really. Faculty want to get to know you. They keep office hours just for you. Look at your syllabus and knock on your professor’s door during their office hours.

5 ½) Start Here if You’re Looking for Something to Do