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5 1/2 Things About Studying Abroad

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To celebrate International Education Week, we want to highlight a global learning opportunity that Boise State offers. Studying abroad makes it possible for you to travel the world and experience another culture while working toward your degree. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime! Here are 5 ½ of the key things you should know before you embark on your journey.

1) Attend an info session

Register for an info session and learn everything you need to know to get started on your study abroad journey. This is your chance to ask questions and start thinking about the logistics of preparing to study abroad. Check out these frequently asked questions for more answers.

2) Know your preferences

Do you want to do a direct exchange or travel through a program? There are plenty of program options for you to choose from. Start by answering a series of questions when you search for programs to find one that’s best for you. Where do you want to go? How long do you want to live there? Consider the duration of time you want to study abroad and if you prefer to travel in the summer, fall or spring. Keep in mind that the application deadlines are different for each session.

3) Look at scholarships

The earlier you think about paying for study abroad, the easier the process will be. There are several scholarships available to help you get to where you want to go. Make sure you fulfill the requirements for receiving federal financial aid and submit FAFSA. Know the scholarship policies and stay on top of deadlines to get the most funding you can!

4) Understand your academic goals

If you’re a full-time student (taking 12 credits), you’re eligible to further your degree overseas. Your academic advisor will help you figure out when it is best to study abroad based on your academic plan. Use the course finder to see if the classes you need to take are offered.

5) Take the next steps

So, you’ve decided to study abroad. Here’s what you do now!

  1. Get a passport as soon as possible
  2. Create a Via TRM account and search for programs
  3. Meet with you academic advisor
  4. Apply to one program
  5. Complete forms for the Global Learning Office on time!

You’ll need to fill out a course approval form, terms and agreements and a health history form. Turn in forms to the Global Learning office or use the drop box.

5 ½) Advice from an abroad student

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Madison Duffy, a junior studying psychology, ventured to San Sebastián, Spain for her Spring 2023 semester. Here’s her advice to students considering studying abroad:


“I would highly recommend going abroad! And not just because of the chance to travel to different countries on the weekends. Yes, that part was amazing! But the chance to experience something so drastically contrasting American culture and society made me believe differently about the world and my life after coming back.

Say “YES”

Even if it makes you super nervous. Especially the chance to immerse yourself in the culture…I learned to step out of my comfort zone and learn from other people’s different perspectives on life… I was able to grow in my ability to feel comfortable in the unknown instead of stressed about what was to come; because of my lack of control while abroad.”

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