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5 ½ Things About the Sound Studio

Student working in the sound studio

Did you know that Boise State has its very own recording studio on campus? Located in Albertsons Library, this space is open for anyone to use and was designed for you to create your perfect audio and video recordings. Whether you’re creating audio for a class project or starting your own podcast, be sure to check out the Boise State Sound Studio!

1)  Located in Albertsons Library

If you haven’t been in the library recently, there have been a few changes! When you walk in the front door, directly to the left you’ll find a new sound studio in room 104A. It’s open during regular Albertsons Library hours to anyone (with a Bronco ID) who wants to record. The Sound Studio was a collaborative project between the Albertsons Library and the music department to give students a space to create awesome things.

2)  Reserve as much studio time as you want

Anyone can book the studio in one-hour blocks of time up to five times a day.

Step 1) Make a reservation.

Step 2) Confirm via email.

And that’s it – you’re all set! When you arrive for your studio time, you can find the key at the Access Service desk in Albertsons Library.

3)  Comes with all the hardware and software you need

The studio is equipped with all you need to make an epic recording such as four Shure SM7B mics, a Focusrite audio interface, a Cloudlifter Preamp, an AKAI APC Mini pad controller and a Novation Launchkey 61 key MIDI keyboard. The software provided is user-friendly and you’ll have access to a Mac Studio computer, the full Adobe Creative Cloud suite, GarageBand and the PreSonus Pro Studio suite of software.

4)  Edit your masterpiece with ease

Take advantage of this new space and software with no experience necessary. You can use the computers in the library for post-editing.

Don’t know how to use the software? Check out some beginner tutorials provided on the Sound Studio home page.

5)  Take your show on the road

Albertsons Library lets you check out portable versions that come with one mic (with the stand), the Focusrite audio interface and a webcam. All you need is your own laptop and software. Create wherever you are!

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