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The weather is changing, leaves are turning, halloween is around the corner and – oh yeah! Treefort Music Fest is finally here! If you’ve never been before or you’re on the fence about going, here are some student experiences with Treefort to inspire you to attend, listen to some rad live music, enjoy local artists, and maybe even volunteer some of your time to Treefort! Here are 5 1/2 reasons students think Treefort is awesome.

1) It’s the experience of a lifetime

Kaleb Belknap, sophomore, Graphic Design major

“My band was originally up for a spot for the March Treefort of 2020, but due to COVID and some other circumstances we were unable to play this year, unfortunately. Nonetheless, Treefort is an amazing experience unique to the city of Boise and we’re lucky to have a festival with such big bands as well as local bands playing! Anyone attending Boise State or in the Boise area needs to go! It’s the experience of a lifetime to see bands like this in our beautiful city.”

2) Some events are totally free!

Lyd Havens, senior, Creative Writing major

“Every year, Storyfort lets me see writers I love read live, and introduces me to writers I need to read more of. If you love reading, writing, podcasts, poetry slams, storytelling events, and so much more: you should absolutely check Storyfort out. It’s 100% free to attend, and you don’t even need a Treefort pass!”

3) You can broaden your professional horizons

Emma Allshouse, senior, Film and Television major

“I did a little internship with Filmfort last spring semester. It’s been a great experience, I feel a lot more connected to the Boise film scene and have met some great folks. I loved seeing the Filmfort teams care for the local art community and the arts in general. And I think it has given me some great overall insight into the professional world of filmmaking.”

4) Meet tons of like-minded, creative people

Alexa Porter, sophomore, English major

“Treefort is a really great way to learn about the music and arts scene in Boise. There are lots of opportunities to meet new people and get acquainted with industry professionals in a lot of fields, and hear great music in the process!”

5) You can connect with mentors you might not have been otherwise able to

Ryan Marsh, junior, Creative Writing major

“Working with Treefort/Storyfort is a wonderful way to begin to build the bridge between the young authors of Boise and those already in the community. It has given me a chance to meet and learn from others that I would never have been able to otherwise. The Boise State program has incredible young talent, and Storyfort is right in our backyard. It’s a perfect foundation to continue to grow as a writer.”

5 1/2) Volunteers get in free!

Treefort Music Fest (September 22 – 26) –music, culture, beer, food, yoga fest –is looking for more volunteers to help out! Be a stagehand, work artist check-in, help build out the fest’s decor, and more –work 3 shifts, earn a 5-day general admission wristband (under 21 volunteers are required to work 2 shifts). Treefort runs on a community of 800+ volunteers from Boise and beyond. Come join the fun and explore 400+ artists, fort specific programming, and more. Interested students can learn more and sign up on the Treefort Music Fest website.

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