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5 1/2 Things ASBSU Is Up To

You vote for them. They go to work for you. But what is ASBSU (Associated Students of Boise State University) up to all year? Let’s just say they aren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

1) Hosting events

They’re hosting a mayoral debate on October 21, complete with a student moderator. It’s a great opportunity to step your toe into the world of our local government.

Boise Depot and American flag hot air balloon


2) Starting Conversations

Dehra McFadden, the Secretary of Academic Affairs, is starting a conversation around Boise State’s grading system. What’s the difference between A+ and A? She’s getting to the bottom of it. Read about it at The Arbiter.


3) Meeting with leadership

The Inclusive Excellence Student Council is meeting with college deans and student groups to talk about what inclusivity looks like at Boise State.


4) Expanding on initiatives

They’re improving and expanding the Campus Food Pantry. It’s been an ASBSU initiative from the beginning, and they’re doing what they can to make sure everyone who needs it knows about it.

Welcome to the Food Pantry


5) Improving sustainability efforts

They’re working with Kat Davis, the campus sustainability coordinator, to make campus as environmentally friendly as possible.

Plastic bottles


1/2) It’s not all work and no play. Presenting your ASBSU President and Boise State President: