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I Didn’t Know That: What is Homecoming All About?

For years in high school, Homecoming meant a week of wearing “spirity” things to school – I was ALL IN on pajama day – and stressing about who was going to the dance with whom. Oh yeah. And a football game.

As it turns out, college students can wear blue and orange AND pajamas every day if we want to. So what’s Homecoming at Boise State all about?

Well, in a nutshell, it’s about celebrating Broncos old and new. 

There may not be dress-up days to build school spirit, but there are friendly competitions for students throughout the week called the Bronco Cup (a series of events to accumulate points and renown) and the Toilet Bowl (an intramural flag football tournament and 60+ year old tradition). 

A couple of reunions give alumni a chance to reconnect with their college days and celebrate alumni who’ve done great things. It all comes together like one big Bronco family reunion on Homecoming weekend, where we all bask in the glow of blue and orange spirit and cheer on our football team. 

And hey! Who’s with me on wearing pajamas to class?

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