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I Didn’t Know That: What Are Accommodations?

When you see “accommodations” on your syllabus, they’re not talking about hotel rooms.

Here’s a statement that you may have seen on your syllabus:

Students with disabilities needing accommodations to fully participate in this class should contact the Educational Access Center (EAC). All accommodations must be approved through the EAC prior to being implemented.  To learn more about the accommodation process, visit the EAC’s website at

So what does this mean? If you’re a student with a physical or learning disability, you can work with the Educational Access Center to come up with proper accommodations to be successful in class. That might mean making sure you have a seat in the front of the classroom so you can see the projector screen, or having notes taken for you. They’re catered to your specific needs.

The Educational Access Center won’t be able to help if you don’t let them know, so make sure to set up an appointment if you think you need extra help. If you’re not diagnosed with a disability but you think you might have one, they have a list of qualified professionals that can help diagnose.

By Mike Taylor