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5 1/2 Things to Know Before You Register for Classes

With days getting colder and nights getting longer, we’re coming to the end of the fall semester. That means that signing up for spring classes is right around the corner, which can be…exciting? Stressful? Maybe a combination of both? Well, before you even think about waiting until the last minute to register, let’s talk about exactly what you should do before your registration appointment rolls around. Like, first foremost, figuring out where to begin.

1) Where do you sign up for classes?

You may be thinking, um, where do I even begin with this process? Don’t worry — you’re definitely not alone and we’ve definitely got you covered. You can sign up for classes by logging into MyBoiseState, clicking on “student view”, and then finding “student center” under the “services” tab. From there, you can find the “class search enrollment” box. This is where you’ll sign up for, drop, or change any classes.

2) Don’t miss out on the classes you really want

To get into the classes you want and need to enroll in, it would be wise to check out the “class search enrollment” area days or (if you’re a super planner like) weeks in advance. There’s nothing stopping you from adding to your cart well before your registration time, so use it as a time to make a mock schedule until you find a layout that works for you. As a first year student, your second semester can be a great time to enroll in different intro classes to see what you’re interested in. Further along in your journey, it would be smart to choose classes geared toward your emphasis within your major.

3) Decide what classes you need — and add them immediately!

Something important to note while signing up for classes is, well, figuring out exactly which classes you need to sign up for. Check the undergraduate catalog checksheet and use that to figure out what you take in the spring. If you have other questions, you can always set up a meeting with an advisor. After you’ve figured out what you need to take, you can start searching for those classes using the search tab. Add all the classes you want to your cart ahead of time so that when your registration time comes, you can simply log in and hit that checkout button, which will enroll you in all of the classes you picked at once. Easier than buying something on Amazon!

4) Figure out what kind of learner you are (and be kind to your schedule)

Be sure to think about what kind of student you are as you sign up for classes. If mornings aren’t really your jam, maybe try to sign up for classes closer to lunch time. If you have a job or other extracurricular activities, try signing up for morning classes. Also recognize which style of class works best for you (like in-person versus hybrid or online, or small workshop classes versus big lecture halls — these are important things to consider!) and be sure to double check the class description when adding to your cart. Sometimes class names don’t do the descriptions justice.

5) Sign up for waitlists

Sometimes popular classes taught by your favorite professors fill up before you even have the chance to click that final checkout button. Fear not, waitlists are always an option. Sign up and add full classes by clicking the “add to waitlists” switch. While waitlists aren’t always a guarantee (I definitely wouldn’t plan on getting into waitlisted classes), many students will drop classes in the first few weeks of the semester and, in some cases, new classes are created altogether. Think of waitlists as throwing up a hail mary — except for signing up for classes instead of on The Blue.

5 ½)  Don’t sleep through your registration time!

Let me paint a nightmare for you: it’s been a long week. You’re tired, naturally. So you don’t think twice about it when you hit snooze on your phone alarm a few times. But as you roll over, basking in a few extra minutes of sleep, a startling realization hits you — it’s registration day!

You stumble over to your laptop just to find out you’re late and the courses you wanted to sign up for have already been filled! Horrific, right? Luckily for you, this nightmare doesn’t even have to come close to reality.

Put that registration time in your calendar, set that alarm, go to bed early and get plenty of sleep the night before, and make sure that coffee maker is ready to brew…right? Right. Ready, set, go Broncos!

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