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5 1/2 Things to Remember About Remote Learning

Times, dates, class formats—there’s a lot to keep straight about switching to remote learning. All of us are probably going through some changes during these last few remaining weeks of the semester. We felt like we needed a checklist of things to keep us going, so here you go. Remember, you’ve got this, Broncos! Just three more weeks left.

1) “Remote” is not quite the same as “online”

For those of you who are going remote for the first time or are having in-person classes switch to a remote format, remember that “remote” classes are the same as regular classes, just…remote. That means you should be meeting over Zoom or some other video meeting tool at your regularly scheduled meeting time. Make sure you access it and log in before your first class after break.

2) Check, check, check your syllabus

If I’ve learned anything from remote learning, it’s that the syllabus is my BFF. If you want to stay on track with when things are due (after things have switched to a new format) download your syllabus and keep it in a place where you can quickly view it whenever you need to (I’ve got mine saved right on my desktop). That, and use a planner or app to jot down those last few important dates!

3) Form a study group if you need to

Remote learning is different. If you feel like you’re maybe slipping behind or even if you just want to make extra sure that you’ve got a grasp on the material before finals sneak up on us, form a study group with some of your classmates. Study groups have never been as easy to schedule than over Zoom.

4) Use apps to stay organized

We’ve talked about Google Calendar in the past and why everyone needs to have it. But it’s a good idea to also get familiar with how your newly remote classes interact with Canvas, Gmail, and all the other Google Workspace apps, if you haven’t already. If you’re like me, you’ll take all the important info out of your syllabus, Canvas, and Boise State Mobile app and plug reminders and time to study into your Google Calendar. There are a lot of apps out there that can help.

5) Create a healthy workspace

Not only are these last three weeks of school going remote, but next semester will start remotely as well. And the spring semester will end the same way as this one did—the last few weeks will also be remote. So, that means even if your classes are in person, you’re going to spend a good chunk of your time learning remotely. Try to create a happy place with little distractions for you to get work done. It’s a good idea to keep work stuff separate from places where you chill out, if you can.

5 ½) Just let it all out

Finals are here. Holidays are just around the corner. It’s okay to just let your emotions out.



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