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5 ½ Things to Round Out Your Class Schedule

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Tell me I’m not the only one to get over-the-top into prepping for my registration appointment, planning my class schedule with the enthusiasm of planning a dream vacation. Anyone? No?

Whether you’re excited about registering or not, it’s time to look ahead and decide what your days will look like next semester. Sure you’ll always have the “must-take” classes to stay on track for graduation, but for those credits that aren’t required or pre-determined, here are some ideas to round out your schedule:

1) BroncoFit Activity courses

You know, the best way to stick to an exercise plan is to schedule it into your day. Well, here’s the perfect opportunity to do just that AND earn some credit. Take a BroncoFit Activity course to learn a new skill, try a new sport, or rekindle your love for something you did before college (like volleyball!).

2) Society for Ideas courses

Want to incorporate some serious creativity into your semester? Try a course from the Society for Ideas in the College of Innovation and Design and learn how to deep dive into creative and critical thinking, skills that are important in any field of study.

3) VIP projects

Think outside your major and join a team of researchers on a Vertically Integrated Project (VIP). You’ll earn credits while working with professors and peers from different majors, interests and skills to tackle real-world challenges like climate change, community enrichment, public health and emerging technologies. The projects are diverse and fascinating. Check out the VIP list and then fill out an interest form to learn more.

4) Internships

An internship is a great way to get some professional experience, network, and put into practice what you’re studying. Bonus: you can get all of that PLUS academic credits. Some majors have their own processes for how internships fulfill credit requirements, so talk to your advisor if that’s an option you want to explore.

5) Work U

Work U is like an internship, but you’ll apply for the program and then get matched with an employer based on your area of interest. You get all the practical experience of an internship with the added benefit of weekly classroom time to unpack and enrich your work experience.

5 ½) Choose your own adventure!

Can’t settle on one major you’re interested in? Look into the Interdisciplinary Studies program. You can combine 3 areas of interest to build a plan that’s perfect for you.