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5 1/2 Ways To Finish Strong

You’ve made it this far into the semester! Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it. Only a few weeks remain until the end of the semester, and they will be full of deadlines, final papers, assignments and final exams to study for. Here are some ways to finish strong this semester.

1) Check in with your professors

Make sure all grades are up to date and that no quizzes or assignments are missing in the grade book. Know when and where your finals are so you can focus on studying and preparing for your finals.

2) Get familiar with the test material

Not all final exams are created equal. Some professors will give a cumulative exam that includes material based on the whole semester. Others will test on the most recent material. Find out what your exams will cover.

3) Get a study buddy

Reach out to one or two classmates and set up a time to meet and go over the material that will be on your finals. The Albertsons Library has study rooms available on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. You can even reserve a room here.

4) Use the learning resources on campus

If you haven’t already checked them out this semester, there’s a lot of academic help on campus. The Math Learning Center and the Writing Center are just a few. Look at these tutoring services to help you finish strong.

5) Take care of yourself

It seems we’re all running around campus like zombies the last few weeks of the semester. Put yourself first on your to-do list. Practice good time management skills, get plenty of sleep every night, fix yourself a nutritious breakfast or take a study break and go for a walk on the greenbelt. Here’s a great list of finals relief activities.

5 1/2) Good Luck!