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Find spaces in the library that best fits your study needs.

We have group study areas, private study rooms, a Video Production Suite, an audio room, family study room, study rooms for faculty, staff, and graduate students, a recorded music room, a nursing mother’s room and an event space to reserve.

Taking an Exam?

NOTE – If you are taking an exam please be sure to reserve a study room in the system.  Please see the Reservation FAQs on this page for more information on taking exams.

Lobby area of Library


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Audio Room

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Faculty, Staff & Graduate Student Study Rooms

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Family Study Room

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Group Study Rooms

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Space Requests

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Video Production Suite

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Reservation FAQ

Assigned Lockers

Assigned Lockers

The library has 64 lockers on the third floor (outside of Room 302). Lockers are available to all currently enrolled Boise State University students. There is no per semester cost. Keys can be checked out at the Circulation Desk. Lost locker keys will be assessed a $40.00 replacement fee.

Faculty/Staff/Graduate Student private Study Rooms

Faculty/Staff/Graduate Student private Study Rooms

Family Study Room

Family Study Room

  • The family Study Room is intended for use by student parents accompanied by their children under the age of 12.
  • Use the online calendar to view availability or to reserve the room online.

Student Group Study Rooms

Student Group Study Rooms

Study Areas and Services by Floor

1st Floor

The 1st Floor is a collaborative work environment best suited for group work. Conversational noise is expected.

  • Circulation and Reserves Desk
  • Reference Desk and Reference Collection
  • Computer Lab
  • Print release stations
  • Maps
  • Individual carrels, multiple-person carrels, tables, and individual seating.
  • Family Study Room

2nd Floor

The 2nd Floor, with the exception of the McCain Reading Room, is a collaborative work environment best suited for group work. Conversational noise is expected. The McCain room is a quiet study area designed for focused individual work.

  • Library classrooms 203 and 201C
  • Video Production Suite 205
  • Library Dean’s Office 215
  • Library staff areas 217
  • Special Collections and Archives
  • Call numbers A-D 
  • MakerLab 201
  • McCain Reading Room
    • Quiet individual study tables and carrels.

3rd Floor

The 3rd Floor is a quiet floor, best for quiet study groups and individuals preferring a quieter atmosphere. Shared study rooms are also located on this floor. Desktop computers are located in the north end by the windows overlooking the river.

  • 302 Recorded Music Room
  • There are 11 reservable rooms on the 3rd floor.  To reserve your room go to
  • Curriculum Resource Collection and Idaho Textbooks
  • Media Collection and call numbers E-P

4th Floor

The 4th Floor is best for both group study/collaboration and individuals. You will find shared and individual study rooms, desktop computers and both individual and group seating next to windows on the north overlooking the river and to the south overlooking the quad.

Study Room Policies

All Student Study Rooms Policy

  • Be courteous to your neighbors in adjoining rooms and outside the rooms. Keep a moderate noise level. Rooms are not soundproof.
  • Students are responsible for their own belongings and items left in rooms will be placed in the library Lost and Found.
  • Students without reservations must vacate the room when requested by students with valid reservations.

Taking Exams

If you are taking an exam please be sure to reserve a study room in the system. We have signs available, “Exam in Progress, Please Do Not Disturb”, that you are welcome to get from the staff at Circulation. If you have not reserved a room you may be asked to leave during your exam, regardless of any signage, which may affect the outcome of your exam.

If the time frame allowed for a room reservation is less than what your exam time is, please stop at the Circulation counter and we can assist you in your reservation. Please be aware that our rooms all have windows, no blinds and are not soundproof. Some exams may have certain specifications that would make our study rooms not appropriate for the exam.

It is always a good idea to check with Circulation to see if your reservation is set on the way up to the room if you did not receive a confirmation email.

Video Production Suite

Video Production Suite