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Get to Know Dr. Tromp

Fun Fact:

Marlene Tromp’s Finnish mother, Eileen (neé Saari) Tromp, raised her speaking of nukkumaanmenoaik (bedtime), tall glasses of maitoa (milk), and uttering sentences like, ”Would you like a viltti (blanket), pikku tunto (little sprite), because it’s kylmä (cold) in here.” She grew up with Finglish and nisu (sweet cardamom coffee bread) and a love for her Finnish heritage. Like her mother before her, she enjoys the sauna, crocheting and knitting, needlepoint, viili (Finnish yogurt), and puuro (dried fruit and cream). You can find the recipes for nisu/pulla and puuro here.

Cooking with Dr. Tromp

Sausage, potato and kale soup

Comfort food at its finest. This sausage, potato and kale soup is one of Dr. Tromp’s favorites. It’s hearty, delicious, nutritious and perfect fuel to get you through strenuous study sessions.

Cooking with Dr. Tromp

Sekahedelmapuuro (dried fruit pudding)

This dried fruit pudding, another of Dr. Tromp’s Finnish favorites, is popular at Christmas. But really, you can’t go wrong with fruit and whipped cream any time of the year.

Cooking with Dr. Tromp


This traditional sweet Finnish bread is typically served with coffee. The beautiful braided loaves are show stoppers. Give it a try!