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Milaun Danclar, student feature for FOCUS, Photo by Allison Corona

As school begins again, you may be realizing you need some extra income or job experience to fit your major. Don’t worry! We’ve all been there and there’s a great way to go about finding your perfect job. Handshake is the website to visit. Everyone enrolled at Boise State is automatically signed up to join Handshake, so start browsing jobs! Here’s what you might not know about Handshake.

Employers can find you

Fully set up your profile so you stand out from the rest. Employers browse profiles often, so give them the information they want to know. Handshake will help you build your profile with suggestions of what to fill out. Make sure to include your resume and any skills!

You can follow employers

Did you know you can follow employers on Handshake just like friends on Instagram? Hit that follow button and you’ll get notified about any jobs or internships they post. They might also post about events you can go to and there’s even a DM option too.

You can filter your job search

Handshake has a handy filter with all sorts of options to narrow down your search so that you find something you love. You can set your search settings to the type of industry, job role, employer, jobs that match your major, on campus or off, and part-time, full-time or internship. Doing this makes it easier to perfect your resume for different applications. Using the filter to sort your preferences will help Handshake to give you personalized job recommendations too!

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