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I Didn’t Know That: The Campus Living Room(s) and How You Can Use Them

Quiet campus scenes, photo Patrick Sweeney

Walk past the Boyington Room in the SUB on any Wednesday night, and the air is thick with suspense – and a side of good humor. Call? Fold? It’s the Poker Club doing their thing. Walk a little further, and you’ll hear the friendly chatter of a group of students at their monthly craft night. And just down the hall from that, another group sits around a table deep in discussion about how to implement better feminine hygiene products and privileges. Did you know the SUB hosts events of all shapes, sizes, and styles for student groups?

They totally do! Look, we know that having a group movie night or yoga session in the dorms is not always ideal. If you need a little more space for stretching, binge-watching, and/or just bringing people together, you’ve got some options. Here are some rooms you can use and stuff they’ve been used for before, just to give you a better idea of how you can use them yourself.

Bergquist Lounge

This corner room is on the second floor of the SUB and has windows along the back wall that let in beautiful, natural light. For groups that want to host a paint and music daytime event or a small, casino nighttime gathering — Bergquist Lounge is a great option. The room also has a credenza counter along the back wall, awesome for catering and snacks (if you wanna go all out).

Bishop Barnwell Room

This room has a super cozy feel that is great for gaming, movies, or how about a trivia night?. With a tile foyer at the front of the room for welcoming guests or displaying appetizers for people to enjoy, a fireplace, and bookshelves, the room can add some serious style to any meeting. Student groups have used it to host watch parties and craft making events too.

Lookout Room

On the third floor of the SUB, the infamous Lookout Room has views of campus, downtown Boise, and the foothills. The lighting is perfect for events needing a more natural ambiance, like a yoga or workout party. The quiet secluded space is excellent for creating a mindful headspace or sweating it out to some workout routines.

Fisher and Foote

Both the Fisher and Foote conference-style rooms are exactly what a board game night with the Dungeons and Broncos Club calls for — or for those “get down to business” meetings that just need to happen. A wooden conference table with black leather Boise State chairs is a great space for those wanting a small room for 10-14 people to get together. It’s a quiet space, perfect for when you really need to concentrate.

Special Event Center

Come one, come all to a spectacular production at the amazing Special Event Center! Located on the west side of the SUB past the Admissions Office, this theater has a production-ready stage for dance recitals, fashion shows, and any other cool ideas you can think of. The theater-style seating can fit a huge audience of 400 people. Groups like the Living Learning Program have hosted their annual Variety Show in the space where students are able to show off their variety of talents. If you’ve dreamed of performing on a stage, this space is for you.

If any of these rooms sound like they could work for your get together, stop by the Event Services Office or send an email to them at Happy planning and gathering!

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