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I Didn’t Know That: The Resiliency Room

Shelf with books, rosary, prayer mats, meditation cards

Nothing is nicer than having a go-to private, comfortable, and relaxing space on campus. The Resiliency Room can now be that space. It’s on the second floor of the Student Union Building and it’s ready for you to use.

It’s meant to be a safe space for students to meditate, pray, and relax when needed.

No reservations necessary! Just take a walk up the main staircase next to the Bronco Shop and take the first hallway on your left. The space is on a first-come, first-serve basis and is stocked with a bunch of different resources for you to make the room as comfortable as possible, including:

  • Self therapy cards
  • Mindful message cards
  • Rosary
  • Pillows and mats for sitting and kneeling
  • Blankets
  • Prayer bowl
  • Koran
  • King James Bible
  • The Complete Jewish Study Bible
  • Other study texts
  • Coloring book and color pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Chakra stones
  • Therapeutic oils
  • Sound machine

With the colder months quickly approaching, the Resiliency Room is a cozy place indoors where you can take a few minutes to be mindful and meditate with self-therapy cards and mindful message cards.

The room has soft, natural lighting filtering in through the tinted windows, which creates a peaceful atmosphere for you to rest and recharge whenever you’d like to take a break. For students wanting to take their minds off of midterms and homework, coloring books and pencils are a fun and creative alternative for a study break.

With multiple religious student organizations on campus, this space offers a much-needed place to come together and pray. The room is a perfect place for smaller groups of 10 to 15, and a partition in the room can be used for privacy if multiple people are using the room at once.

Take a moment, or two, or twenty, to step away from the grind and recharge in this thoughtfully planned space.

Open room with filtered light and seats against wall

— by Taylor Rico-Pekerol

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