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American flags in the Boise State quad
Veterans Week campus scenes, Photo Patrick Sweeney

It’s time to practice your democratic right to vote, Broncos. General election day is on Tuesday, November 8 this year and it’s your duty to participate. Not sure how to go about voting? We’ve got you covered.

You have voting rights as a college student

You can come across challenges when voting as a college student, but when you understand the voting process and learn about the different voting methods and options you’ll feel confident to exercise your right to vote. Keep in mind that you could be a resident of two states, but that means you can vote in only one state. If you are an Idaho voter, check out for an educational guide to registration and voting.

There’s lots of options on the ballot (so get to know them all)

Do your research. You can read about candidates here. Stay informed about who and what you are voting for by searching your address so you can be prepared when you head to the polls. This will tell you what to expect on the sheet before you go in to check some boxes. Don’t take your decisions lightly because your vote matters.

You have one voting location you should go to

Where you can vote is based on where you live. Ada County’s website allows you to get directions to your polling place by simply looking up your address. If you’re voting from out of state, you can find your state or local election office website here.

Register to vote in person if you missed the deadline

If you register to vote (either online or by mail before the election), you’re ready to go to your polling place and vote. You can also register in person at your polling place. Just remember to bring a form of identification, like a drivers license or a valid student ID and a proof of residence—like a piece of mail.

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